Alexey Melnik (guitar)

Sergey Melnik (guitar)

Kate Mizu (vocals)


SOULCODE band was set in as a collaborative work of two brothers – Alexey (Samm) Melnik and Sergey Melnik - in early 2000s in a Moscow satellite town Pushkino. Their father planted love for the great Deep Purple in his sons, so this fabulous band stood at the origins of Melnik brothers’ music tastes but then their preferences became essentially diverse. They included a large scale of music genres and bands starting from Swedish death metal and doom metal artists to Russian alternative rock scene. All of this inspired guys to start playing guitars, compose their own music, experimenting with sound and searching for like-minded people. From the very beginning of their own songs creation Samm and Sergey decided unanimously that female vocal is exactly what the band should have.

“Our 2007”

November 2007 is believed to be the official date of SOULCODE rock band foundation. It is the time when the band started to rehearse in Moscow regularly and en masse. Considerable musicians passed through the band during its formation and only its founders remained permanent members. Further appearance of a bass-guitar player Denis (Den) Filatov contributed greatly to formation of the band’s massive sound and he entered the backbone of SOULCODE for a long haul. Longed-for appearance of female singer Yana (Evi) Rykalova, using clean vocals as well as scream technique, and drummer Ivan Pronin applied the finishing touch to the band’s creation.  SOULCODE started making their collective content, new music was born and sharp lyrics of the singer Yana appeared (mostly in Russian language but with some experiments in English). During this time SOULCODE determined its music style as alternative rock with a savour of old-school and intense female vocals. The band with such membership started intensively playing concerts in clubs of Moscow.

SOULCODE 2008 - 2013

The band made a demo recording called “The First Step” in Spring 2008. The demo included 6 tracks (they are still can be found in the internet and available for listening). Afterwards SOULCODE presented a promo video for the song “Fly” (in Russian - “Leti”) from the demo record, at the moment this video got over 21 thousand views on YouTube.
In March 2010 a new drummer Kyrill (Bender) Nechaev succeeded Ivan Pronin, who contributed much to the band and its development and left it in November 2009. However, later in 2010 SOULCODE took creative reprieve in a search of new ideas and new kinds of sound. The band changed its guitars tuning as well as the sound concept in general.
In 2013 SOULCODE broke the silence by releasing a new experimental track named “Join” presenting its new sound. This track was recorded in cooperation with session singer Efim Kolitinov (and the first time in its history the band used male vocals) and session drummer Dmitriy Bourdin. Song lyrics was written in English entirely by Efim Kolitinov. This historical recording appeared to make a great contribution for the band to find a new lease of life and attract new participants.

SOULCODE 2014 – till now

In February 2014 Olga Dolgopolova, female drum player, joined the band, as well as female singer Kate Mizu in March of the same year. The band started making a brand new musical content with more interesting and compound rhythms and harmonies, lyrics concept changed as well and English became the standard for new songs. That year SOULCODE proceed to new music recording in studio with the following membership: Alexey Melnik (guitars), Sergey Melnik (guitars), Denis Filatov (bass), Olga Dolgopolova (drums), Kate Mizu (vocals).The recording went by separate phases and four new instrumental tracks (including the updated version of “Join”) with a new sound appeared after first sessions. When it came to vocals the recording was put on hold for technical reasons. A while later the band made a decision to record a full album instead of making a one more short demo, it meant that recordings of more 5-7 tracks lay ahead. SOULCODE resumed working upon the current musical content arrangements.

2015 turned to be one more year of changes for SOULCODE particularly as regarded its membership. One of the band’s constant members - bass-guitar player Denis (Den) Filatov - leaves it on personal grounds. It was a tough decision for everyone and afterwards the band appeared to be a kind of stiff-limbed for a while: rehearsing some songs without complete rhythm section turned to be almost impractical and pointless while search of a new bass player lingered on. In September 2015 drummer Olga Dolgopolova leaves the band as well for a reason of an overfull activity at her central musical project. The rest of the band decided to redirect and concentrate all attention at studio recordings work instead of live rehearsals. SOULCODE had taken a new lease of life since a new bass-player Vitali Andreev (“Britva Okkama” (i.e. Occam's razor), FOOD FOR FISH) appeared in the band. He agreed to help with studio recordings with an opportunity to join the band later as its member. A session drummer Daniil Oplachkin took part in recording of some of the tracks.
After the hard year the band took a time-out for a winter vocation.

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